Still kind of a honeymooner

My story

I grew up in Sacramento, California, and went to college at UC Santa Cruz. Later, I went to business school at California State University, Hayward. Next, my late wife and I moved to Boston so she could go to graduate school, and we never left. It was a great city, and we had good jobs.

I wrote investment management software for many years, and went on to do computer consulting for a bunch more years. It was all great fun, but when I started spending lots of time in Belarus I had to give up my consulting practice.

In Belarus, I learned to speak Russian, started dancing Lindy hop, and acquired a foster daughter. I enjoyed living in another culture, and still enjoy travel and meeting people different from myself.

I guess that's partly why I'm so happy to be living in Texas now. I came here to marry Jan, pictured above. Texas is a place of its own, beautiful and interesting. And, as everywhere, it's filled with delightful people.

My offer to you

I have been studying the Bible and Christian Science all my life, and I'm totally impressed with the power of divine Love through Christ. I've had so many wonderful healings by prayer, that I want to spread the good news and bless others. This has led me to a new line of work, called Christian Science practitioner. If you'd like to know more about it, or if you'd like me to pray for you, please be in touch.