About me

Name: Steve Vincent
College: UC, Santa Cruz
MBA: Cal State, Hayward
First job: Financial Analyst
Career: Investment software
2nd Career: IT Consultant
Recently: Learning Russian
Now: Writing a book (in English)
Also: Guiding blind people (in Russian)
Stuff I like to do: Dance Lindy hop, travel, ride my bike, spend time with friends and family, meet people I don’t know yet.


I spend a lot of time in Belarus

I came in the first place to attend Minsk State Linguistic University, where I had a really great time learning Russian with a wonderful mix of students from around the world. Russian is hard, and I had to come back several times. By the time I could speak enough to feel comfortable, we had so many delightful friends in Belarus that we decided to live here half-time. It’s a great place for close-knit communities, respect for nature, and great artistic and intellectual talent.

Strong ties in the USA

I have a wonderful extended family in the USA and a lifetime of connections with dear friends, particularly around Boston and San Francisco. I love my life in the USA at least as much as I do life in Minsk. I hope over time to introduce more Americans to Belarusian culture and to share a little bit of American culture with my Belarusian friends.